About us

Till Next Time is a clothing  brand created to promote the importance of mental wellbeing and positive thinking.

The name ‘Till Next Time’ represents the importance of being here tomorrow in regards to caring and thinking of other people. 

We sell t-shirts in honour of two close friends we have lost to mental health issues and believe that by spreading a positive message in a way everyone can enjoy and participate in, we can create a lasting change to the lives of those who need it.

We have decided to choose Kids Helpline to donate our profits to as they also promote positive thinking and help those who are struggling. Their use of social media, 24/7 message hotline and advertising makes them a great image to support and pairs well with our motives as well. They are an amazing company that work with thousands of children, teens and young adults and we want to support the amazing work they have done in the past 26 years and will do in the future.


If you or anyone you know may be going through a rough patch or suffers from a form of mental illness, please do not hesitate to seek help:

Kids Helpline (24/7 phone line):

1800 55 1800


Meet Us

Here’s a little introduction to the two of us, so everyone can know our background and who we are. 

Our names are Claudia Blakeley-Batty and Mo Labib, we are students at Brighton Secondary College and have been mates for a couple years. Till Next Time was started when the two of us coincidentally had the exact same idea of honouring our 2 close friends that have passed away and promoting the importance of mental health in our generation. 

We are both year 11 students who have external jobs and in general, pretty busy lives. We really hope that during his experience we can make everything run smoothly but we do apologise for any delays or lack of communication at times due to our school lives and/or external factors. 

Till Next Time is very close to us and we really hope everyone loves it as much as we do. We love hearing feedback, peoples stories and we are here to help and give advice too.